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  • Courtney D. Beaumer

    Associate Attorney

    Courtney Beaumer is committed to helping individuals address immigration issues, reunify families, and provide legal services that are essential to the successful navigation of immigration law. Courtney D. Beaumer is a graduate of Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago, Illinois. At Chicago-Kent, Ms. Beaumer clerked in the immigration legal clinic, providing legal assistance with immigration matters. She is also a volunteer attorney with the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network. Her passion for immigration law has led her to join 7SV Law Chambers Immigration Law Firm.

    Ms. Beaumer graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri where she volunteered with immigrants and refugees to access personal and professional resources in their community. As an undergraduate student, she lived and studied in Costa Rica.

    Ms. Beaumer is fully licensed to represent clients before US Citizenship and Citizenship Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals. In her spare time, Ms. Beaumer enjoys traveling, baking, volunteering, and hiking and camping with her dog, Rock.

    Experience In:

    Ms. Beaumer has successfully represented clients in a variety of cases. Her previous professional experience as a personal injury attorney enables her to better serve the needs of each client, including assessing the best course of action for each individual case and representing them in court. Due to her diligence and understanding her previous clients have had the benefit of a lasting relationship with Ms. Beaumer, and have thanked her personally for the care that she takes with their needs.